A Tale of Many Steps…


Hi all! Checking in from Positano 🙂

Positano, Italy is the second stop on our ten-day travel adventure. The city is incredibly beautiful and warm for this time of year (much warmer than we anticipated—nearly 70 degrees every day!) The landscape is stunning and Mr. M and I cannot stop taking photos, but if I’m being honest, the pictures don’t do it justice. It is something you need to see for yourself and if this city isn’t considered a “Wonder of the World” it should be!

The only downfall is the city is incredibly vertical; you are literally scaling the mountain with every step you take. There are 240 steps alone to reach our villa. I’m not joking. 240. We counted.

When our host greeted us at the bottom of the mountain she politely asked if we would like to hire a porter to carry our luggage to our room (10 €/suitcase). I immediately agreed —it had been a long day of travel and I don’t relish the idea of carrying (a.k.a rolling) my suitcase on the uneven cobblestone streets, let alone up many, many steps. Mr. M hesitated (I think he was trying to be macho; either that or just plain ol’ cheap) but then he reluctantly agreed.

And thank God for that porter because I was barely able to make it up the steps with just my carry on bag! As  we neared the top, huffing and puffing, sweat sliding down my back, I got the message loud and clear: CJ, you need to get in better shape…which of course I will…after our vacation 😉

It’s been two days since we first arrived, and while those stairs still aren’t easy (let’s be honest, they never will be unless your a freakin’ Olympic athlete!) they are getting easier!

We’re off to see the ruins of Pompei and the famous Mount Vesuvius. (Side note: I compared Sean’s temper to Mt. Vesuvius in Knockout and I’m so freakin’ excited that I get to see it today! #booknerdproblems)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home! Hope you’re enjoying your day and eating all of the food 🦃  🦃  🦃

Beautiful Positano
Spiaggia Beach
Another view from the beach…
Positano = The Vertical City
Dipping my toes in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea

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