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In case you missed it I have a book releasing on August 3rd and for the next four days, it’s only 99 pennies!!!! On release day the price goes back up to $2.99 so grab it at the sale price before it’s too late!

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Forever Hearts is a standalone friends to lovers new adult (coming of age) romance.

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Forever Hearts – Cover Reveal

Look at the pretty…


Forever Heart FOR WEB



Today is the cover reveal for my new, STANDALONE friends to lovers romance, Forever Hearts! I’ve been *dying* to share this cover with you all and the day is finally here!

Isn’ it beautiful?! *Squee* Hang Le did an amazing job!  I’m in love with it and with this story! ❤ I can’t wait for you to all meet Jesse and Riley! August 3rd can’t come soon enough 🙂

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Forever Hearts Teaser # 3

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When it rains, it pours…

Hourglass small at top (time left), big at bottom (stuff to do).

Okay, the title is a bit dramatic…I apologize.

But don’t you find that saying to be true? It’s certainly how I’ve been feeling these last few months! And while everything that is happening in my life right now is good (mostly) I’m patiently waiting for the universe to slow the hell down so I can catch my breath!

As many of you know from my first post, Mr. M and I are heading to Italy over Thanksgiving break. (Side note: We leave in five days! FIVE! 😳) What I didn’t tell you is that we are also in the process of buying a new home. AND we close on our new house the day after we get back from Europe. I know…CRAZY!

Let me backtrack a bit…Mr. M and I have lived in our current home for the past ten years. It’s a beautiful older home that we remodeled (despite me and my husband being zero percent handy 😉 ) We have so much invested in this house (both sentimentally and financially that at times we both question: why the hell are we leaving?)

In addition to being my grandmother’s home, we have so many good memories here; this was our first home together, we brought our dog home here… I could go on! But deep in my heart I know it’s time to move on. This home was never meant to be forever; it’s small, not an ideal place to raise a family, and the neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse. But still, it’s damn hard to leave.

We’ve been *looking* to move for a while now. Seriously, for more than a year! And when I say we I mean meI fully admit: I love to look at houses – Zillow, Trulia,— I can spend hours perusing these sites. I just can’t seem to help myself!  And when I did find a house that (I thought) had potential this is what happened…

Me: (sends Mr. M. link) What do you think about this house?

Mr. M: (click through the pics briefly) It’s okay.

Me: Just okay? What don’t you like?

Mr. M: It’s ______ (fill in the blank: dated, too much money, too big, too small, or my absolute favorite – a teardown!)

And so the story went…Rinse and Repeat

But finally (finally!) we found the perfect home for our family (budget, size, location, etc.). It just so happened to occur at the same time that we planned to be away. No big deal…I got this!

For the past weeks I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting the bank the info they need, coordinating with the realtor for the sale of our current house, scheduling movers, all the while trying to prepare for ten days out  of the country!

Now, I’m not complaining because hello, both these things are amazing and incredibly exciting. All I’m saying is…it’s been busy.

All this to say I’ve nothing packed for Italy…

This post pretty accurately sums up my current dilemma:


On that note, I better sign off and get some actual packing done! If you don’t hear from me in a while you can find me in my closet, debating how many pairs of shoes to bring…

P.S. If you have any packing tips… PLEASE help!!! 😬